Off to California

CaliforniaMy plans to travel around California are about to become a reality, as I set off on Monday for LA.

I’ve been so busy planning my route, working out how to get from one place to another, where to stay and packing my rucksack, that I really haven’t given much thought to what it will be like to be on my own for eight weeks. Will I be at ease with myself? Or shall I miss my husband, family, friends and the comfortable familiarity of my home environment?

I frequently recognise that awareness is expressing itself as Georgina, the wife, mother, grandmother, daughter roles. These roles (or persona) are well established, and fairly predictable. So I am curious to know what it will be like to leave them behind for eight weeks and to see what appears. My plans for my trip are quite fluid in order that changes can be made as new opportunities arise.

How blessed I am that I am able to set off on an adventure like this.

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