Hindrances to Meditation

Hands in MeditationDuring meditation the mind can play all kinds of games to avoid being still. I call these mind games “Hindrances to meditation” for that is what they really are.
As we begin to become aware of our inner world, the mind becomes so reluctant to let go of control.
Here are some of the strategies the mind uses, and here are ways to deal with them:-

Thought 1) –“There are lots of thoughts so I can’t meditate”
Response – Thoughts are normal in meditation. Notice how they arise out of the stillness, and let them pass

Thought 2) –“This meditation isn’t as good as yesterday’s!”
Response – Every meditation is different so have no expectation because the process is clearing out negative stuff and stress

Thought 3) – “I can’t go blank, I’m afraid of what might happen to me.”
Response – You are not blank, you simply relax and enjoy your own silent presence

Thought 4) – “I can’t concentrate long enough”
Response – There’s no effort needed. Simply notice you breathing and relax into stillness after the out breath

Thought 5) – “I am too restless, emotional, fidgety”
Response – Take a few moments to do some simple exercises before sitting down to meditate

Thought 6) – “Every time I meditate I fall asleep”
Response – It is not unusual. Meditation is deep rest for the mind and body, which can lead to sleep. If it is too often, change the time you meditate.

So these are the most common hindrances to meditation. When you realize that they are just thoughts, you will be able to notice them and let them pass and so return to witnessing your breathing into stillness

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