Georgina’s meditation training was a breath of fresh air, I was willing to try anything to help relieve panic, I had 1:1 sessions with Georgina at her own home and I was welcomed with open arms. Georgina has a magical effect on me and I picked up the meditation techniques really easily and I am using them nearly daily. What a relief for me to be able to do this, it is like you are taking control of yourself again.
Thank you Georgina. Special words for a kind and special lady.
Lisa xx

Dear Georgina

I started listening to your meditation CD with some scepticism – I couldn’t see how it could possibly help me, being in the habit of trying to be self-reliant.  But I was totally wrong.  From being a poor sleeper, after a couple of weeks I realised that I was falling asleep without delay, and the quality of sleep was so much improved that I was not waking up in the middle of the night prepared to worry about the woes of the world.  It is the most wonderful gift.  To sleep better is a wonderful thing.

It is obviously not always a good thing to be self- reliant.  We are not always our own best doctor!  Interestingly, my son’s fiancée, who is a pyschotherapist, also suggests meditation to her clients. 

So, thanks for putting me on the road.  The journey is very helpful.

Jenny ( France)


Hi Georgina,

I wanted to tell you that my dad gave me your book, which I read and I’ve been practising meditating with your CD. I love it! Meditating has been one of the missing pieces in my healing journey that I am happy to now be understanding and incorporating little by little. – Courtney (Simi, California)