Pain and stress

I’ve recently been having problems with intermittent pain in my right thigh and the physical cause of it does not stack up. I can do a 30 minute work out every day without a problem, and do T’ai Chi sessions with ease. But I only have to walk for half a mile and I am forced to stop because the pain in my thigh is so acute. So I have taken a radical step and consulted a Stress – Related Illness Practitioner.

I knew as soon as I had completed the pre assessment that this was the cause of my symptoms, and that has come as something of a surprise to me. Why? Well, I am not a worrier, no anxieties about the future for me: and I feel generally quite calm and relaxed. ¬†What’s more – I practise meditation regularly and feel great benefit from it.

The programme that was devised for me, included working through a timeline of past events in my life that have an emotion attached to them. Then, to journal ¬†about it to let go of the emotional sting. I am not finding this process particularly easy to get down to doing. There’s a resistance to bringing up past difficulties and events. However, it was described to me that emotions that have not been expressed are like living with a pressure cooker that is about to explode, and in order to prevent it exploding, the mind converts the pressure into a physical symptom.

Eckhart Tolle uses the phrase “the pain body” and just as he came into my mind, I went and searched out his book “Practising the Power of Now”. So I think I’ll go and read it again to see what his take is on the subject.