No Expectation

Well, it’s the last day of February, and I almost failed in my resolution to blog at least once a month. Phew! I’ve just made it!! So here’s the title “no expectation”. Just recently I was reminded of the negative impact expectation can have on one’s appreciation of a situation.

We had booked a holiday in Fuerteventura and I went there looking forward to some warm sunshine instead of the cold wet weather at home. I had really set myself up for lying on a sunbed and soaking up the warmth in a pleasant corner by the pool. But it was not to be. The skies were cloudy and overcast most of the time and the wind was perpetually gale force. So my hopes were dashed! My expectations stopped me appreciating all the positives of being away from home. I’ve had time to reflect on our time there, and it was really lovely to spend time together, and to relax and read, and not have to think about all the mundane things of everyday life; to walk to the dining room and be offered a choice of delicious meals.

You may wonder what this has to do with meditating!  One of the key points of meditation is to have no expectation. It is so easy to become disillusioned when the meditations seem perpetually busy with thoughts and what ifs and should haves. Then there is the one meditation that is so peaceful and silent, that you wish they were always like that, and become disheartened when it doesn’t happen. If you are in this situation, return to the basics. Are you preparing for meditation by going to your meditation place? Perhaps sit for a few moments reflecting on the positives of your day, or read a few pages of an inspirational book, or do  few relaxing exercises. Then start your meditation with no expectation and trust the process of clearing your mind and body of stress.

Enjoy meditating!