January and clearing!!

What is it about January? Yes, its one month in twelve every year, but somehow it’s different!

Whether it’s conditioning or what I don’t know, but once the Christmas festivities are over I always have this urge to clear the house and clear myself. My emails are sorted (that’s a major task!), my clothes get an overhaul, my make-up box gets cleaned up, and I feel the need to stay home till its all done. It’s almost like setting the stage for the next performance.

So, what is the next performance? I’ve usually a major plan but not this year! Without really trying, a plan is already being worked out for me. Life seems to have a habit of doing that, and I sometimes wonder. When I reflect on the twists and turns of my life so far, I can see that many times things didn’t turn out as I’d intended because events seemingly outside my control changed my path. Hence, I’m just going in one direction and being willing to change course as I go along. It’s all good!

This approach is mirrored in meditation. If I start to meditate with set expectations of achieving certain feelings or experiences, there is no room for surprise. Even though I start the same way, every meditation is different. Sometimes, there is a lot of mental activity, other times its very still and silent. Sometimes I experience deep insights, or come up with great ideas, other times can seem quite placid.

So, no expectation is an important requirement of meditation, otherwise you set yourself up for disappointment, especially if you are seeking “enlightenment”.

As Dipa Ma said about meditation and enlightenment “Leave the door open and wait for the breeze”. Meditate without expectation and you may be surprised.