Excerpts from “Start Now!” – Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)

Steiner stresses, “Meditation is the only completely free act we can do. When we meditate we perform a free act. Nothing compels us to meditate. Purposive ‘effort’ is also out of place.

We should meditate as a plant flowers, naturally, spontaneously effortlessly without ego, not because there is a reason to: just because. To meditate is a free decision, a free deed of consciousness. At the same time, because it is free and we do it, it changes us. In other words, through meditation, we become.

As a free deed, meditation is naturally individual, uniquely our own. It is where we most fully become ourselves. Its practice is also always individual. There are no rules. Just as every potter will elaborate her own way of making pots, so every meditant will shape his or her own meditation. No two people will do a given meditation in exactly the same way. The same meditation practised daily will be different every time. One never knows what is going to happen. Part of the joy is watching, waiting and witnessing want happens.

There is no wrong way of doing the meditation except not doing it!

While meditation is a free individual act in which we are oct ourselves, at the same time it leads us out of our ordinary everyday selves and allows us to begin to experience the least subjective, most universal aspect of who we are: our attention. All meditation is an exercise in attention. And attention in its purest form we may call ‘consciousness without an object’ gives us the first taste of the true ‘I’. In this sense, meditation is the art of self knowledge.”