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Being in my body through T’ai Chi Qigong

Over the last two years I have been seriously studying and practising T’ai Chi Qigong. to begin with I enjoyed learning the forms and working towards attain my black sash in 2019.This entails learning the intricate movements of many T’ai Chi forms by heart. My teachers practise T’ai chi in the Qigong style. It is [Read the article…]

Lighting a candle

The phrase ‘Lighting a candle’ has many different meanings in our culture and of course in the realms of meditation and complementary therapies, candles are frequently lit to create an ambient atmosphere. I have often suggested to those beginning to learn how to meditate that lighting a candle can help to set the scene for [Read the article…]

The rhythm of my being

Your breathing is an aspect of nature, as natural as a whale breathing as it swims by. Some time – any time – pause in the midst of your day. Pause for a minute at the beginning or end of the day. Notice the rhythm of your breathing, and sense what you like about it. [Read the article…]

Is meditation boring you?

Sometimes, making time to meditate can be difficult, especially when it starts to feel like a waste of time. Knowing you should meditate because it is good for you, especially when you’re really busy, can just add more stress, more negativity, that you can well do without. At times like this, it’s worth taking a [Read the article…]

No Expectation

Well, it’s the last day of February, and I almost failed in my resolution to blog at least once a month. Phew! I’ve just made it!! So here’s the title “no expectation”. Just recently I was reminded of the negative impact expectation can have on one’s appreciation of a situation. We had booked a holiday [Read the article…]

January and clearing!!

What is it about January? Yes, its one month in twelve every year, but somehow it’s different! Whether it’s conditioning or what I don’t know, but once the Christmas festivities are over I always have this urge to clear the house and clear myself. My emails are sorted (that’s a major task!), my clothes get [Read the article…]

Excerpts from “Start Now!” – Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)

Steiner stresses, “Meditation is the only completely free act we can do. When we meditate we perform a free act. Nothing compels us to meditate. Purposive ‘effort’ is also out of place. We should meditate as a plant flowers, naturally, spontaneously effortlessly without ego, not because there is a reason to: just because. To meditate [Read the article…]

Hindrances to Meditation

Hands in Meditation

During meditation the mind can play all kinds of games to avoid being still. I call these mind games “Hindrances to meditation” for that is what they really are. As we begin to become aware of our inner world, the mind becomes so reluctant to let go of control. Here are some of the strategies [Read the article…]

Resistance to Meditation

Meditation - just turn up

The mind plays all kinds of games to avoid being silenced. In particular, the critic/judge comes to the fore as soon as the plan to meditate comes to mind. We get thoughts like “I shouldn’t be doing this, I should be preparing dinner or cleaning up.” “Should, could, would, must” – notice how your critic [Read the article…]