About My Book and CD

justturnupcd‘Just Turn Up’ by Georgina Smith is published by Trafford Publishing
 81 pages / quality trade paperback (softcover) / catalogue #07-2590 / ISBN 1-4251-5755-6 I was moved to produce Just Turn Up because there is no other CD and book that makes meditation so straightforward. By using this CD and book, anyone can meditate easily, and enjoy the benefits that arise from this simple technique.The CD has six meditation tracks to choose from, and the book gives advice and tips on any concerns that may arise during meditation.This is an invaluable guide that will quickly lead you to being at ease effortlessly.  My approach is easy to follow and aims to be accessible to anyone wishing to learn this wonderful skill. Meditation is a way of gently clearing stress caused by negative thoughts about the past and anxiety about the future, bringing one to a state of ease within oneself.

See an extract of the book or listen to a sample of the CD:

The only difficult thing about meditation is to Just Turn Up!

The book which includes the CD is available from me via PayPal at £12.99 plus postage and package.


learn to meditate - just turn up and meditateWhen e-readers became popular, I had the book and CD converted to an e-book, available through iTunes. Price £7.99

The ebook has the tracks from the CD embedded into the text to make it easier to follow, so at present it can only be read and used on Apple phones, tablets and computers. It is not available on Kindle.