The exquisiteness of breathing

“Breathing out, let go And fall into knowing all of creation as existing within space And you are absorbed in that Vibrant empty fullness. In this moment your body is intimate With space, exchanging essence for essence. Balancing in the midst of vast emptiness Know utter freedom” From “The Radiance Sutras” translated by Dr Lorin [Read the article…]


It’s amazing to think that this saying was written over a thousand years ago, and is still so relevant for meditators today. Padma Sambhava – a Tibetan master 8th Century “It is your own awareness right now. It is simple, natural and clear. Why say ‘ I don’t understand what awareness is”? There is nothing [Read the article…]

The beauty of Kwun Yum -goddess of compassion

Kwun Yum -goddess of compassion

Take a look around you What do you see? Everything changes But what remains the same From one moment to the next? Awareness itself, a constant presence, Indescribable yet full of joy Who is hiding in the forms of this world Behind your thoughts, In the silence of the heart? Will you explore the mystery, [Read the article…]

Cherish this Moment

Cherish This Moment - meditation

Cherish this moment There is no other It is just as it is Nothing could be simpler. Cherish this moment Hold it tenderly Treasure this moment Hold it in the heart Love is in the heart not the head. Feel Presence in this moment Life pulsating through this body, creating its own special song Expressed [Read the article…]

Hindrances to Meditation

Hands in Meditation

During meditation the mind can play all kinds of games to avoid being still. I call these mind games “Hindrances to meditation” for that is what they really are. As we begin to become aware of our inner world, the mind becomes so reluctant to let go of control. Here are some of the strategies [Read the article…]

Resistance to Meditation

Meditation - just turn up

The mind plays all kinds of games to avoid being silenced. In particular, the critic/judge comes to the fore as soon as the plan to meditate comes to mind. We get thoughts like “I shouldn’t be doing this, I should be preparing dinner or cleaning up.” “Should, could, would, must” – notice how your critic [Read the article…]

Launching my eBook “Just Turn Up and Meditate”

learn to meditate - just turn up and meditate

“To change one’s life: Start immediately Do it flambuoyantly No exceptions (no excuses)” I came across this quote by William James yesterday that I felt was very apt. I’ve been putting off getting to grips with social networking as it seemed a bit scary. But my dear niece Kim has taken me in hand, thank [Read the article…]

Off to California


My plans to travel around California are about to become a reality, as I set off on Monday for LA. I’ve been so busy planning my route, working out how to get from one place to another, where to stay and packing my rucksack, that I really haven’t given much thought to what it will [Read the article…]