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The exquisiteness of breathing

“Breathing out, let go And fall into knowing all of creation as existing within space And you are absorbed in that Vibrant empty fullness. In this moment your body is intimate With space, exchanging essence for essence. Balancing in the midst of vast emptiness Know utter freedom” From “The Radiance Sutras” translated by Dr Lorin [Read the article…]


It’s amazing to think that this saying was written over a thousand years ago, and is still so relevant for meditators today. Padma Sambhava – a Tibetan master 8th Century “It is your own awareness right now. It is simple, natural and clear. Why say ‘ I don’t understand what awareness is”? There is nothing [Read the article…]

The beauty of Kwun Yum -goddess of compassion

Kwun Yum -goddess of compassion

Take a look around you What do you see? Everything changes But what remains the same From one moment to the next? Awareness itself, a constant presence, Indescribable yet full of joy Who is hiding in the forms of this world Behind your thoughts, In the silence of the heart? Will you explore the mystery, [Read the article…]